Corporate governance in family firms

Family firms do not receive the attention they should have, given their importance in the Swedish and international economy. Together with Jenny Ahlberg, I have initiated research about family firms and the governance of them. Initially we received funding from Henry and Sylvia Toft Foundation that made it possible for us to present our first paper at two conferences. Now we have received funding from The Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation that will make it possible for us to explore in governance structures of family firms.

Two papers have been produced.

Blood in the board room

Based on Jenny Ahlberg's Magister dissertation we try to explain board functions in family firms through the concept of nepotism.  It has been presented at Academy of Management Conference 2011, where it was selected to be included in the proceedings, which is an honour for a paper. The short version can be found as PP-slides here. It is published in Journal of Family Business Strategy, 2012.

Family governance of family firms

The paper is a summary of our reserach project. We try to create a focused description of our main theoretical approach, deriving propositions concerning four governance mechanisms in the context of a governance strategy, including the capital structure, the auditor, the board of directors and the incentive system.The paper has been presented at the IFERA 2012 conference in Bordeaux, France in june 2012 (IFERA is International Family Entreprise Research Academy, situated in Bordeaux, France).


The project started 2012, when Jenny started her PhD studies, and will continue during five years.  

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