The Faculty of Free University of Scania


Anette Tagesson, Honorary Doctor of Language at FUS

Anna Montell Magnusson, Dozent of Neurophysiology at FUS

Anna Santini, Honorary Doctor of Literature at FUS

Elin Smith, Dozent of Corporate Governance at FUS

Emidia Vagnoni, Professor of Public Management at PUS

Ibrahim Malki, Doctoral student of Family Firm Finance at FUS

Jenny Ahlberg, Doctoral student of family business governance at FUS

Patrizio Monfardini, Dozent of Business Administration at FUS

Ruth V. Aguilera, Professor of International Business and Strategy at FUS

Sven-Olof Yrjö Collin, Professor of Corporate Governance at FUS

Theo J. B. M. Postma, Professor of Strategic Governance at FUS

Timur Uman, Dozent of Strategy at FUS

Ulf Eklund, Honorary Doctor of Practical Law and Business at FUS

Yuliya Ponomareva, Doctor of Governance and Discretion at FUS