NEW: The course evaluation of the course 2017 is here and the university course evaluation is here

I had to change the day of re-exam. You get the information here

On friday there will be examination. Those attending this year course have an oral examination. And those from earlier years will also have this opportunity. The time schedule is here.

Those that are from earlier courses can do the oral examination, or the written examination (since we have to offer this opportunity three more times). I prefer the oral examination since it makes it possible to perform examination without you appearing in person at HKr. So, I hope that you all old timers chose oral examination. Let me know your choice now, so I can put you on the time table. You also need to re-register, which you do through sending a mail to Frida Svensson ( )


Attend lecture 5 January 10.15 by Yuliya through

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Time schedule (some times can still be changed, but no major changies) is here

The course plan is here

An example of an excellent exam paper by Heike Mohr is here. And by Linn Persson Zetterström is here



Goal of the course

The goal of the course is to develop the students capacity to analyse and critically evaluate the governance of an organisation, mostly a corporation with commercial goals. The course will give the student a competence to work with highly qualified economic tasks within a corporation and governmental organisations, especially those oriented towards governance and control. Finally, the course will prepare the student for doctoral studies.

Our ambition is that your perspectives and ideas, even some of your attitudes, will change during the course. We hope to give you some new perspectives on the corporation and a more educated insight into the functions and processes of a corporation. This will improve your capacity as a professional economist and as an educated participant of society. 


NEW: The correction templet for the February written examination is here

NEW: The final examination on the Corporate Governance course will be 9 June. Written examination: 9-14. Paper: deadline 18.00 (only file at


The correction templet for the january written examination is here

The course evaluation you find here. And the evaluation made by the university you find here and here are written comments by the students.

Presentation of the grading of the written examination Friday 3 February, 13-14 in room 21-227. I will try to have a connection through adobe for those that have left the building, using the link below. But, since Alex and Natalie has left the building maybe I don't make it. But I will try.

Instructions for examination is here

Remember to fill in three week check at Its Learning!!!

Some recommendations from my reading and evaluation of partial paper 3 is here.

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The course plan, and as pdf

The time schedule,

The litterature list (under development)

Tip for the paper and an excellent example of a full paper

Excerpt from Collin

unfortunately, those papers (probably none) that are not avaliable at the library cannot be made publicly avaliable here, so you have to get them through Its Learning.