Gender in the auditing profession


When inspecting the top of organisations, females are not frequent. This is apparent also in auditing firms, since most of the partners are males. I am engaged in a project together with Karin Jonnergård, a professor from Växj? University, and Pernilla Qvick, Betina Silferberg and Sevdia Zabit, which made their candidate dissertation in Kristianstad. We are using data and some parts of the theory from their candidate dissertation in order to find out if the elimination of females is performed early in their careers, i.e., during their certification period. We are presently writing the paper where the results are presented. If we have a draft, you find it here. Please, realise it is a draft, so send us comments. The results, however, indicate that the elimination is not made in their early period. And, interestingly enough, what we find is that leave of absence, i.e., parental leave, which has been claimed to be a millstone on female careers, do not appear to slow down females, but only males in their speed of carrerr.

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