To distribute knowledge to society, thereby influencing praxis, is an important task for researchers. My efforts in this field are, I have to admit, insignificant. When I am oriented towards praxis, my main method is articles in newspapers, such as Hallandsposten (a local newspaper) (one example), Sydsvenska Dagbladet (regional newspaper), Svenska Dagbladet (national newspaper) (one old example and one new), and in business press (Dagens Industri) (an example). In my CV you find my old articles. I create debate concerning issues I consider important, for example, in Smålandsposten (one example) and participate in national debates, for example in national news media (one example). I have by now written so many articles that I have stopped listed them in my CV. I have transformed several student dissertations into articles, and helped students to write articles for newspaper.


I am engaged in international collaboration, with the intent to both develop the universities I visit, and my own university. Universities has so much to learn from each other! Today I am especially engaged in a university in the intense city of Kharkiv, Ukraine. As you probably know, Kharkiv is among the largest university cities in Europe, containing about 200.000 lively and engaged students! My visit 2008, together with my doctoral student, Timur Uman, when I was employeed at Kristianstad University College, resulted in two TV presentation, of which I am so proud that you can find them here and here. And one page, which I cannot read, but it has interesting photos, especially the last one, indicating that we are recruiting for the future! Indeed, we have much to learn about how to promote our own university through mass media.

The year 2009, when I was employed at Halmstad University College, we did another trip and it resulted in one exchange contract with PUA and two suggestions of letter of intent with two other universities. We made a travel report to our university, which were presented in Swedish in the internal newspaper of Halmstad University College. You find one home page about our visit at PUA  here. One page from our visit at Kharkiv National University of Economics can be found here.

I carry my ambition of exchange with eastern Europe with me, so when in my new university, my doctoral student, Yuliya Ponomareva and I applied for local funding, and were lucky and received funds making it possible for us to develop relationships between Linnæus University and universities in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. We have so much to learn, and maybe we also have something that we can teach.

I supervised a student from what is probably the most energetic university I know, PUA. She asked the question, why students move abroad, and surveyed students from Sweden and Ukraine. From her results and oral presentation, we made a small  report.

And then I am of course engaged in preserving the gains from the middle ages, academic freedom.