Sapere aude, dicere aude

Dare to know, dare to tell

What is FUS

Presentation of FUS,
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Charta of FUS

The rules of FUS

Positions at FUS

The academic titles of the members of FUS is presented

Faculty of FUS

A list of the members of FUS

The Lazy Paper Serie of Free University of Scania

FUS publish papers in the Lazy Paper Serie

FUS Lectures

Here appear those virtual lectures that faculty of FUS are doing and willing to share.

Publications by FUS faculty

Publications in  scientific journals, conference proceedings, professional journals and popular mass media by FUS faculty members.

Disclaimer: Please note that FUS is not officially recognised by the Swedish government, nor do we have Swedish university degree granting rights. We do not seek that kind of 'quality' assurance since we have the quality assurance we need through our faculty, and we do not want to be confused with ‘recognized universities’ of low standard.